Some of the best dive sites in Lake Malawi!

Zimbawe Rocks and the Canyon

Zimbawe Rocks:
A massive underwater pinnacle rising up from 110m. Huge rock formations and swim-throughs.
ADV divers only.

Large rock walls as you swim around a maze-like formation.
ADV divers.

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Usipa Point and Wreck

Usipa Point:
Granite boulders mixed with a sand bottom. Plenty of blue crabs and fish nests. Open Water Divers. 18m.

Usipa Wreck:
Old ferry boat sank in 1998. Amazing artificial reef.
ADV divers. 30m.

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Mwala Rocks and The Aquarium

Mwala Rocks:
Small rock walls surrounded by big granite boulders and amazing fish.
Open Water divers. 14m.

Highest concentration of tropical fish in the lake.
Open Water divers. 15m.

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Bakers Oven and Otter Point

Bakers Oven:
20m long swim-through. Big wall and huge rocks.
ADV divers. 15m

Otter Point:
Lovely rock formations and a great place for tropical fish.

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